Escape Room Reviews


★★★★★ - This was our first escape room, so we don't have anything to compare this with ... but all 6 of us had a GREAT time here ("The Last Resort"). The puzzles were varied and challenging and the entire concept was well thought out. Mark, the "game master", was terrific. We learned a lot on this one (we DID get out with 1:12 to spare!) and are already planning the next one here. Really great experience. SO MUCH FUN.

India P, 9/2/19
★★★★★ - SO FUN

Stephanie M, 8/26/19
★★★★★ - Great challenge and lots of fun.

Anthony A, 8/23/19
★★★★ - Their hardest escape room (A Broken Mind) actually wasn’t too difficult but very fun nonetheless. I wish that Panic Room would create an even harder room. A Broken Mind was very fun because your group was split up into two rooms and it was very creative. I had a great time.

Andres R, 8/16/19